MCJA LEPS Phase One: Orientation (Class 1 of 21)

by | May 2, 2022

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Law Enforcement Pre-Service Phase 1

Instructional Goal:

This class will orient students to the Law Enforcement Pre-Service (LEPS) training program.  The student will be introduced to the 3 Phases of the LEPS program: Phase 1 consists of a series of online trainings that may be accessed remotely and requires an estimated 40 hours to complete; Phase 2 consists of 80 hours of training involving scenario-based practical application of the information learned in Phase 1 and Phase 3 involves on the job supervised work/field training that will be directed by the officer’s employing agency.  Students will be familiar with the curriculum for each Phase, as well as the standards for successful completion.

Students in the LEPS training program will be provided three important resources upon entry into Phase 2 to assist them through the rest of the LEPS.  These resources are valuable references for officers both in the classroom and in the field: 1) Maine Criminal Statutes, including the laws contained in Title 17-A, and other various Titles; 2) Maine Motor Vehicle Statutes, including the laws contained in Title 29-A, and; 3) The Maine Law Enforcement Officer’s Manual, a reference and field manual detailing law enforcement procedures across many important topics.  Upon completion of this Orientation, students will understand how to best utilize these tools to complete the LEPS program, and in the future as they move to become certified part-time law enforcement officers.

This class will also orient students to the steps following the LEPS training program that they must take to become certified full-time law enforcement officers in Maine.

Performance Objectives:

At the end of this unit of instruction, the student will be able to accomplish the following objectives as outlined in the lesson:

X.X.1       Identify the Three Phases of the Law Enforcement Pre-Service training programs.

X.X.2       Identify the standards an officer must meet to progress through each Phase of the Law Enforcement Pre-Service training program and become a certified reserve law enforcement officer in Maine.

X.X.3       Identify the areas of law and procedure addressed by the Maine Criminal Statutes, the Maine Motor Vehicle Statutes, and the Law Enforcement Officer’s Manual.

X.X.4       Identify the additional standards a LEPS training program graduate must meet to become a certified full-time law enforcement officer in Maine.