7.05 MLEAP: Probable Cause Determinations and First Appearances

by | Jul 7, 2021

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MLEAP Standard 7.05 Probable Cause Determinations and First Appearances (E) The Agency trains appropriate personnel in Maine Rules of Criminal Procedure regarding probable cause determinations and prompt first appearances.

Instructional Goal:

This course describes the requirements of Probable Cause Determinations.

Performance Objectives:

  1. Explain the definition of Probable Cause and Certification of Probable Cause.
  2. Demonstrate understanding of what is a Probable Cause hearing.
  3. Understand the “48-Hour Rule.”
  4. Explain the justification for an arrest as it relates to the Fourth Amendment.
  5. Understand no unreasonable delay as it relates to first appearances.
  6. Explain the potential relief for delaying a probable cause hearing.
  7. Demonstrate what should be included in a Probable Cause affidavit.