MCJA LEPS Phase One: Report Writing (Class 18 of 21)

by | May 3, 2022

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The primary purpose of this online training course is to provide law enforcement officers with an understanding of the fundamental principles of effective and professional law enforcement reporting.

This course discusses the purpose of written reports, the uses of reports, report elements, and guidelines for constructing an effective and professional report, including the use of meaningful field notes.

At the end of this unit of instruction, the student will be able to accomplish the following objectives as outlined in the lesson:

X.X.1 Identify the uses for and potential readers of law enforcement reports.

X.X.2  Identify factors determining when it is necessary to record field notes based on the nature of the complaint or situation.

X.X.2 Identify the proper method of recording field notes.

X.X.3 Identify the elements of effective and professional law enforcement reports.

X.X.4 Identify proper content and sequence of information for reports.

X.X.5 Identify the need to edit and proofread reports.