7.21 MLEAP: Stop Sticks/ Road Spikes

by | Aug 12, 2021

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MLEAP Standard

7.21 Stop Sticks/Road Spikes

If the Agency authorizes the use of stop sticks/road spikes, it has a written directive and trains its personnel in the use of stop sticks/road spikes, including when and how to safely deploy them.

Course Description

Officers deploying these devices must carefully consider the circumstances, alternatives, and consequences for each individual situation. The device is designed to stop or slow fleeing vehicles by deflating the tires. Depending on the situation, deflation of vehicle tires may contribute to crashes resulting in injury or death

This training is solely an overview of policy considerations. 

This is a basic review of deployment considerations and tactics and is not a substitute for formal training (classroom and scenario-based deployment) conducted by a certified and trained instructor.

Performance Objectives

  1. Understand your department’s pursuit policies and procedures regarding tire deflation devices.
  2. Identify proper concealment areas in your jurisdiction.
  3. Identify when it is appropriate to use the termination devices.
  4. Effective communication between the deploying officer, lead pursuit officer and other units involved
  5. Deployment of termination device  using the two recommended methods