Group Leader Docs

Access the dashboard

Group leaders can check the training progress of the users in their group at any time. 

When logged in, you may access the Group Leader reporting dashboard through the main menu, or the top black bar.

Dashboard Options

Course Reporting: View a live report of progress.

Export Data: Download a CSV spreadsheet file of the course progress.

Course Reporting

Go to this report.

  • Group: choose the group you want to show results for.
  • Courses: choose a specific course, or leave blank to see a report for all courses.
  • Users: choose a specific user, or leave blank to see a report for all users.
  • Status: choose to see not started, in progress, or completed.

How to Run a Report

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Exporting Filtered Data
Below the reporting data, you will see a “download” button. Use this to export the current filtered data view to a CSV spreadsheet file. 

Download All Certificates

When you have selected a specific student with All Courses, you will have to option to download all of their certificates at once. The button for this will appear on the bottom right of the list of course progress.

Export Data

Go to this page.

This screen allows you to export all data for a group to a CSV spreadsheet file.

  • Export Progress: download a CSV spreadsheet file of the progress of all users in your group.
  • Export Results: download a CSV spreadsheet file of the final test results of all users in your group.