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Policy Development & Consultation

Affordable Policy Development! 

Dirigo Safety understands that policy development is a daunting task and very time-consuming. Policies and Standard Operating Procedures are instrumental in law enforcement operations, risk management, and personnel oversight. The policies we offer have been through an extensive vetting process by our Policy Development Team:
  • Scot Mattox’s Esq. Chief Executive Officer of Dirigo Safety, LLC
  • Retired Chief Shawn O’Leary Executive Vice President 
  • Retired Chief Robert Schwartz Law Enforcement Consultant
  • Michael A. Cunniff Esq. 
  • Honorable John David Kennedy (Ret.)

What We Can Do for Your Agency


We provide law enforcement administrators with consultation in a variety of policy matters, including the development of affordable Standard Operation Procedures specific to the customer agency. Through this service, we review and update all mandatory policies set forth by the Maine Criminal Justice Academy specific to the target department, as well as a selection of non-mandatory and workplace compliance policies. Finally, for those agencies that are interested in MLEAP, our policies have incorporated most of the standards, which make accreditation easier to accomplish

Our current policy library consists of over 75 policies and is constantly growing to meet today’s complex and ever-changing law enforcement challenges.

Additionally, over the life of the contract any new or updated policies from the Maine Criminal Justice Academy we take care of, you do not have to worry about. We have a flexible payment schedule for agencies over a four-year period.

Contact Shawn O’Leary, Executive VP, to learn more about what Dirigo Safety, LLC can do for your agency or pricing options.
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Policy Packages


SOP & Policy Development

Dirigo Safety, LLC will provide your agency with the following:

1. Review and update all mandatory policies set forth by the Maine Criminal Justice Academy specific to the target department.

2. Review and update additional non-mandatory policies including Bureau of Labor and other Workplace Compliance specific policies.

3. If subscribing department is a PowerDMS customer, Dirigo Safety will upload and assigned all policies into the departments account, with a knowledge-based exam.

4. For agencies that do not utilize PowerDMS, those agencies will receive a flash drive with all completed policies.

5. In the event any new mandatory policies are required or have been updated by the Maine Criminal Justice Academy within the life of the contract, Dirigo will update the subscribing department’s policy.

Your Package Includes:

All completed policies provided in “WORD” format for future review and updating by the target department. Once released to the target department, Dirigo will amend the policies as necessary for approval from the Chief Law Enforcement Officer during the length of the contract.

Any selected policy that has a Maine Law Enforcement Accreditation Program (MLEAP) Standard shall be highlighted in the policy for agencies that wish or intend to attain Accreditation through MLEAP.

For those agencies that have a subscription for PowerDMS, all completed, and CLEO approved policies will be uploaded into PowerDMS and assigned to the appropriate personnel for review and signature.

The development of knowledge-based tests attached to high liability policies. These tests ensure each reader fully understands the policy signed for.

Contact Shawn O’Leary, Executive Vice President, to learn more about what Dirigo Safety, LLC. can do for your agency
Phone: 207-751-2639

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