Online Training Services
For Law Enforcement

Dirigo Safety, LLC is providing the Maine Law Enforcement community with an affordable and reliable, online training management program. Through this service, police departments will have access to all Maine Criminal Justice mandatory trainings, required Bureau of Labor trainings, as well as additional professional development opportunities.  Dirigo Safety, LLC will also customized trainings to fit the needs of your specific department upon request. 

The Maine Criminal Justice Academy and Bureau of Labor require mandatory training for all employees. Dirigo Safety, LLC provides subscribing departments with complete on-line trainings. Each quarter, we will send your department’s training representative a progress report on which trainings have been completed and which still remain. Each year, we will archive courses that were completed over the previous year, maintaining a continual record of your agencies training. Our online training service gives departments an efficient and affordable way to ensure all employees meet their specific training objectives, so that you can better focus on all your agency’s needs.