Charles Large

Fractional Chief Financial Officer

Currently, Charles is semi-retired but delighted to act as a “Fractional-CFO” for Dirigo Safety, Risk Management Solutions and one other very strong enterprise in south Portland.

He brings a tremendous breadth of experience, ranging from strategic planning to line finance with two Fortune 500 companies, to M&A work with $250 million fund, to turnaround work here in Maine. Prior to stepping out of full-time service, in Maine, Charles career include orchestrating the reorganization of Pioneer Plastics from a board member then moving to providing operating enterprise as Director of Sales & Marketing. In the non-profit arena, he served as the Executive Director of Good Shepherd Food Bank turning it around during its most precarious period. Then in the last 15 years he has run a consulting group focused on turning around troubled businesses and assisting others reach new heights and profits.

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