Mark Holbrook Ph.D., PE, LCPC, LLC

Mark graduated from the Maine Criminal Justice Academy in 1979 and spent 12 years in law enforcement. He went on to graduate Mana Cum Laude rom the University of Southern Maine with a bachelor’s degree in psychology.

His interests in studying psychopaths, violence, and aggression lead him to Auburn University in Montgomery, Alabama where he earned a master’s degree in Psychology.

Mark was awarded his Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Fielding Graduate University where he broadened his field of study to include traumatic stress along with with pursuing his interests in violence and aggression. His doctoral dissertation focused on stress-related symports in Maine law enforcement officers.

Dr. Holbrook has taught undergraduate courses in forensic and abnormal psychology, and he provides consulting services to public and private companies, law enforcement agencies, and he is an adjunct instructor at the Maine Criminal Justice Academy.

He is the founder and director of the Maine Center for Resilience and survivability. A nonprofit organization providing treatment, and educational training to police officers and their families.

He has authored and co-authored papers for peer-reviewed journals and his first scientific publication was on shiftwork and police officers.

His book, Bulletproof- Why cops and John Wayne Never Cry is in its second edition.

Mark maintains a private practice in Brunswick, where he focuses on law enforcement officers.

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