Behavioral Health for Dispatchers


Our dispatcher personnel are the first line of communication in response to those experiencing psychiatric emergencies. These incidents involve interactions in which being trained in identifying mental health issues, de-escalation skills and other effective communication techniques can assist the communicator as the first point of contact. Our communicators also are often conversing with families and or concerned citizens calling for emergency support for those in crisis and determining the most effective response. Over a career first responders experience chronic trauma and stress, therefore an emphasis on wellness and stress management is critical as well.



  • Intro to mental illness;
    1. Depression & anxiety
    2. Trauma; Post Traumatic, Acute Stress, Panic Attacks
    3. Personality Disorders
    4. Personality Disorders
    5. Attachment, Conduct and Oppositional Defiant Disorders
    6. Psychosis
  • Suicidal/Homicidal Risk Assessment
  • Substance Use Issues


& First Responder Wellness

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Student Testimonials:

“Jo is an excellent instructor, she took the time to make sure everything was gone over in detail. She answered all our questions and gave us an abundance of good information to take back to our agencies.”

“I learned so much, she was very informative”

“This class made me feel more confidant as a dispatcher. I feel more prepaid to pick up the phone and speak with someone having one of their worst days of their life”