Enforcement of Underage Drinking Laws (EUDL) Training


The 2022 EUDL Training is a four hour block about the Enforcement of Underage Drinking Laws. It specifically covers Dirigo’s current EUDL Grant through the Maine Department of Health and Human Services, but also discusses how departments can work with BABLO (the Bureau of Alcoholic Beverages and Lottery Operations) to enforce liquor law violations, and discuss current strategies in use with other departments. 

The first hour will discuss the current grant funding set up through Dirigo Safety, evaluate its current status and discuss considerations for the future. 

The second session is a two-hour block taught by BABLO  focusing on the MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) between BABLO and individual departments granting them the authority to enforce certain alcohol use violations.

Here is BABLO’s outline of the training objectives:

I.  Introductions, Overview of the BABLO Staff and Responsibilities

II. Memorandum of Understanding
A.   Scope of Authority
1.   Local Ordinance
2.   Consent
3.   Warrant
4.   Exigent Circumstances

III. On-Line Tools
A.   Liquor Licensing Search
B.   Status, Expiration, Permissions

IV. Licensed Establishments
A.   On-Premise
B.   Off-Premise
C.   Specialty

V. Penalties

VI. Common Violations
A.   Title 28-A
B.   Rule

VII. Definitions
A.   Minors vs Juveniles
B.   Levels of Intoxication
C.   VIP’s

VIII. Legal Hours of Sales
IX. Ages of Employees
X. Refusing Inspection
XI. Administrative Notice
XII. Reports, Short Form Complaints

The last 2 hours is a round table discussion with all departments and BABLO about current enforcement strategies and suggestions for improvement. 



Scot Mattox & Kim Lynch