Field Training Officer SUPERVISOR


This class will provide an in-depth description/explanation of the Field Training Supervisor Role for your Agency’s Field Training Program.

    • How to provide management oversight of the field training program
    • How to manage the overall scheduling and structure of the Field Training program
    • Help identify problems and provide insight on how to improve the training
    • Help identify and provide solutions for interpersonal conflicts that may arise
    • Facilitate communication between the FTO staff and whole agency
    • Review, correct, and correlate all Daily Observation reports, Basic Skill sheets, Policy Sign-offs, and any other documents relating to Field Training
    • Responsibilities for and with the Probationary Officers’ training records


Upcoming Class Dates

Jul 30: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm
Dirigo Safety LLC
95 Main Street 3rd Floor
Auburn, ME, 04210
Price: $225