Green Lab: Cannabis Impairment Detection Training


Cannabis is legal and more openly used around the nation: Can you detect and articulate its impairment?

Today’s forms (including edibles, flower and concentrates) have a much higher level of THC than the past. With more cannabis of a stronger variety available, officers greatly benefit from green lab training to help recognize its presence in motor vehicle operators.

Training Objectives include:

  • In-depth discussion about Cannabis including its different forms, legal status and legislative history.
  • A suggested and modified SFST Protocol for detecting cannabis impairment roadside as well as cannabis impaired driving investigation techniques.
    • Field Sobriety Techniques and exercises.
    • Behaviors of impairment by cannabis commonly observed.
    • Investigation and documentation suggestions for best practices
  • Building a cannabis impaired driving court case.
  • Chemical testing issues in impaired driving investigations
  • Case Law updates
  • Hands on Green Lab with Volunteers Cannabis Consumers
    • In compliance with state marijuana possession laws, we present a “green” lab designed for officers to practice impairment detection skills on volunteers dosed with known amounts cannabis. This includes flower, edibles, and concentrates. This will provide the attendees with a gauge of the reliability of their detection skills. The lab is run by civilian instructors.

Attendees are not exposed to marijuana (or any drug) during training.

** This class is a controlled environment for officers to evaluate actual cannabis dosed impaired volunteers**