Introduction to Electronic Evidence


As an investigator, you know how prevalent the use of electronics and online platforms are in criminal investigations. Almost all crimes have an electronic or social media component, but how do you use and capture that data for your investigations?

At the end of this instruction, students will have a better understanding of electronic evidence and how to apply the evidence to their criminal investigations. Students will also have a better understanding of open source search engines, gathering evidence through various social media platforms, and documenting the evidence for their cases. 

This course is targeted to all investigators who investigate crimes in the digital age. This course is aimed towards all technical backgrounds.

At the end of the lesson the students will:

  • Know how to collect and document electronic evidence;
  • Have a better understanding of Electronic Service Providers, Internet Service Providers, etc.;
  • Know how to gather and document information on suspects/witnesses/victims through social media platforms;
  • Have a better understanding of popular social media sites (Snapchat, Facebook, etc.) and how to use them to law enforcement’s advantage; and
  • Have a better understanding of electronic terminology and legal authority

Students should bring their laptop with them to be able to fully participate.