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Liquor Liability Training


The Physiology of Alcohol

  • This section is based upon the premise that servers with a basic understanding of the physiology of alcohol absorption, distribution and elimination of alcohol in humans are better equipped to make serving decisions when considering intoxication.
  • How much alcohol makes a person impaired? Visibly intoxicated? How soon does it happen? For how long? What can be done to “sober up” a person? Questions such as these will be explored and discussed.


  • What is impairment? Legal definitions and real-life applications are discussed. Especially relevant is the definition of “visibility intoxicated” and how it differs from the legal definition of “under the influence.”
  • The Maine Liquor Liability Act
  • Discussion of and real-life examples of the application of 28-A M.R.S. Chapter 100 the Maine Liquor Liability Act; especially focusing on the negligent and reckless service of liquor found in §2506 and 2507. What do servers need to know regarding these sections? How can employees best mitigate their risk and the liability of the company? We will incorporate your company policy into this part of the presentation if requested.


  • With its recent legalization and increasing popularity, how does this product mix with alcohol and what should alcohol servers know about it? How does cannabis impairment affect alcohol impairment? Does it matter in the calculus of negligent or reckless serving of liquor?

Video Review and Practical Exercises

  • Instructors will show and discuss relevant real-life video examples and fact patterns with input from audience participation about risk mitigation choices from the company perspective. We will incorporate your company policy into this part of the presentation if requested.

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