MLEAP Assessor Training


The Maine Law Enforcement Accreditation Program (MLEAP) is a voluntary process where police agencies in Maine prove their compliance with Maine Law Enforcement’s current best practices or standards. Maine Law Enforcement professionals carefully developed these standards to assist agencies in the efficient and effective delivery of service and the protection of individual rights. Assessors play an essential role in the accreditation process.

What do MLEAP Assessors do?

They carefully conduct an internal review (off-site and on-site) of agencies’ policies and procedures, equipment, facilities, training, and operations to determine if they have met MLEAP standards with the goal of being MLEAP Accredited.  

Benefits of being an Assessor:

  • Be part of a professional team that assesses agencies, ensuring they meet all standards set forth by the MLEAP Committee and Maine Chiefs of Police Association Executive Board.
  • Learn what other agencies are doing to reach accreditation to prepare your agency for the process.
  • Have ownership in Maine Law Enforcement making it professional, but equally importantly building your expertise with accreditation, management, and leadership practices.

Assessor Requirements:

  • Be a CLEOs of Police, Command level officers, or
  • an officer who has applied, attained, and maintains the MCJA Law Enforcement Intermediate Certificate, or
  • Program Managers that have been trained specifically in the Assessment Process and
  • have been carefully selected by the Accreditation Program to conduct assessments of candidate agencies.