Officer Wellness and Resilience


This course is directed towards new and existing Police Officers. This course will point out the changes in human behavior associated with entering into the Law Enforcement career and will provide a roadmap on how to remain healthy and resilient despite these changes. Attendees will engage in an interactive discussion on the Law Enforcement culture and pitfalls of the “living the dream” mindset. Attendees will be provided with resources and guidance to remain physically and mentally healthy in a working environment proven to reduce life expectancy.

  • Block #1 – Participant Introductions and Open discussion of group experience.
  • Block #2 – Human behavior changes in Law Enforcement
  • Block #3 – Family and Friend / Blue Family
  • Block #4 – Mental Wellness
  • Block #5 – Physical Wellness
  • Block #6 – Preparing for a healthy retirement

Course Objectives: 

  • The student will hear of real-life experiences and discuss their own to understand the risks of the job.
  • Learn how changes in human behavior can impact family.
  • Understand how resilience can be the key to processing trauma.
  • The student will learn how stress impacts the body and how long-term stress can change your career.
  • Learning healthy outlets for wellness and recovery.
  • Learn how to avoid pessimism and unhealthy cynicism.
  • Identify workplace as well as off-duty risks.
  • Identify resources available for wellness and support.

Sergeant Hanson’s 24+ years of experience in the field has given him a relatable dynamic, that he shares in hopes of helping others.  His stories, directly from the trenches, will reiterate the importance of caring for oneself, inside and out.