Media Cameras



Course Description:  This course is focused for new and existing Police Officers, Supervisors, and Department Public Information Officers to deliver effective public information. The course helps promote legal police transparency and how to improve existing police/media relations. A live interview with a reporter to ask them candid questions and to learn more about the media is featured as well as a chance to participate in a simulated press conference.

Course Objectives:  Handlers/Supervisors in this course will be exposed to:

  • The student will hear of real-life experiences with mass media and lessons learned.
  • The value of an effective department policy on information control and media releases will be reviewed.
  • The importance of transparency and honesty will be stressed.
  • The student will review issues for employee use of social media while on and off duty.
  • The various media outlets and venues will be reviewed.
  • Tips will be given on how to improve police/media relationships.
  • Students will have one hour of Q&A interview time with a reporter who covers a local Police Department.
  • The student will learn the 7 effective steps to a successful and informational press conference.
  • Some students can practice delivering a press conference.
  • Students will review and critique in class practical performance.
  • Inspiration will be delivered encouraging the student to make departmental suggestions and changes within the next 30 days.
  • Feedback to the instructor will be delivered by the students to improve instructor delivery the next time.


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