Public Access to Public Records – Law Enforcement and Maine’s Freedom of Access Act


Government operates best when it operates openly.

As members of the law enforcement community, it is our duty to protect the rights of our citizens to know what their law enforcement agencies are doing.  We must be well grounded in knowing and properly applying the laws that govern public access to law enforcement records. 

This training is intended to provide the resources necessary to achieve a basic working understanding of the Freedom of Access Act and the statutes that restrict public access to certain records and information.  The training is designed to assure compliance with our legal obligation of transparency while protecting the legitimate privacy interests of individuals and the integrity of investigations.  Achieving this balance is particularly difficult when processing FOAA requests for law enforcement records where the laws governing access to such records are inherently discretionary and subjective. 

This training will provide the tools needed to accomplish the appropriate analysis of what is public and what is confidential.  Brian MacMaster, the instructor for this training, is very well versed in the laws governing public access to law enforcement records.  He is a principal architect of sound law enforcement policy and practices and is recognized as highly skilled in the practical application of legal standards applicable to law enforcement agencies and officers in the execution of their duties.


Participants will leave with an applicable handout helpful in processing FOAA requests.



Testimonials from students:

“Difficult and confusing topic made much more clear by an instructor skilled in his craft.”

“The overall class was very informative as the instructor was very well versed in the topic.”

“Brian MacMaster is a wealth of knowledge and explains complex materials in an understandable way.”