Public Safety Employment Law – Avoiding the Landmines


Do you find employment issues taking more and more of your time?  That is true for many managers these days and that is why this class was created.  This class focuses on important employment laws you need to know and will provide you with valuable information and tools you can use to effectively handle employment matters, increase employee morale, and avoid those liability landmines when it comes to personnel management.  We hope you will come away from this class armed with practical knowledge and tips to address even the most difficult workplace situations.

Understand your expectations as a supervisor which will help you avoid the liability landmines

  • Understand how you may have more/different levels of responsibility as a supervisor regarding policies and law
  • Learn what it means to be an extension of your municipality/department as a supervisor
  • Grasp how you can rely on your chain of command and Human Resources regarding policy interpretation and application

Gain an understanding of best practices regarding:

  • Reports of discrimination, harassment, and retaliation
  • Reports of workplace injuries
  • FMLA requests
  • Requests for ADA accommodation
  • DOL Investigations (FLSA)
  • Unemployment Claims
  • MHRC/EEOC charges

Understand the steps of a prudent hiring process

  • Learn what to look for when reviewing applications
  • Develop job-related Scenario-based/behavioral interview questions
  • Work through how to listen to and document candidate responses
  • Make well-informed decisions in the hiring process
  • Learn about notifications to HR, the selected candidate, and those not selected

Explore the tools in your supervisory toolbox that will help you effectively address employee behavior and performance

  • Learn how to coach employees to empower them and help them achieve performance measures
  • Understand when you may need to counsel an employee
  • Gain information about disciplinary options and when they may be appropriate to use
  • Practice methods for coaching, counseling, and administering documented disciplinary action