Security Team Training


Locks, alarms, and gates are not enough to protect people and property.  Security staff is the front-line defense for businesses against external threats, intrusion, and circumstantial vulnerabilities.  A security guard’s role is to protect customers and property and enforce the rules of the business.  Due to the nature of the job, confrontational incidents can develop and if the security staff is not properly trained these situations can easily be mishandled. 

Long gone are the days when security staff is hired for their size and fighting ability. In today’s society, security staff is expected to prevent violence, not create it.  Unfortunately, many security guards have little to no training and are often left to decide how to resolve conflict by themselves.  A security guard’s first objective is NOT to throw out rude, drunk, and troublesome patrons, but rather to talk to people and find alternative ways of resolving conflict.

Businesses need to beware of the risks they face for employing a security staff that is improperly trained.  In high-risk, low-frequency encounters, untrained security staff revert to what they think is an appropriate response.  They often use unjustified force, leaving customers injured and employers at risk for civil liability.

An increase in personal injury lawsuits against private businesses demonstrates the need for adequate training.  Court cases for injuries are arising from conduct such as assault, battery, false imprisonment, and false arrest. 

The increase in these cases has put private businesses at risk of liability for three common failures.

  • Failure to supervise
  • Failure to follow policies
  • Failure to train