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You’re the Boss… now what?


How to transition from coworker to “The Boss”
Most people that get promoted are great at what they do; that is why they got promoted!

So why do these great employees end up micro-managing, mix up interpretations with observations
and cause serious breakdowns in communications: all the while working at 125% capacity?
The reason is most supervisors today are not trained for their roles as leaders/supervisors.
In this course we will better prepare you for this transition, students learn easy-to-understand
leadership terms with a systems analysis approach designed to build a solid foundation for outstanding

Students dive into “managing self,” transitioning from someone doing the work to becoming someone
responsible for the work. Students will also unpackage what self-vulnerability is and will learn where
the true power of influence lives.

What Students Will Learn:

✓ How to transition from a coworker to the person responsible for the work.
✓ How to learn who you are, who your employees are, and what is the job.
✓ How to “manage self” and the power of Strengths, Vulnerabilities and Triggers.
✓ How to identify and appreciate the “dream team” that you manage.
✓ What are core essential job functions, and how do you prioritize them.
✓ How does power and authority differ.
✓ How to better prepare yourself for the supervisor’s position if you want to be
“the boss”.
✓ What does it cost when supervisors fail to supervise.


Executive Consultant

Upcoming Class Dates

Jan 12: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm
Dirigo Safety LLC
225 First Flight Dr.
Auburn, Maine, 04210
Price: $179 (Includes Lunch)

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