You’re the Boss… Now What?


How to transition from coworker to “The Boss” Most people that get promoted are great at what they do; that is why they got promoted!

So why do these great employees end up micro-managing, mix up interpretations with observations and cause serious breakdowns in communications: all the while working at 125% capacity? The reason is most supervisors today are not trained for their roles as leaders/supervisors. In this course we will better prepare you for this transition, students learn easy-to-understand leadership terms with a systems analysis approach designed to build a solid foundation for outstanding leadership.

Students dive into “managing self,” transitioning from someone doing the work to becoming someone responsible for the work. Students will also unpackage what self-vulnerability is and will learn where the true power of influence lives.

What Students Will Learn:

✓ How to transition from a coworker to the person responsible for the work.
✓ How to learn who you are, who your employees are, and what is the job.
✓ How to “manage self” and the power of Strengths, Vulnerabilities and Triggers.
✓ How to identify and appreciate the “dream team” that you manage.
✓ What are core essential job functions, and how do you prioritize them.
✓ How does power and authority differ.
✓ How to better prepare yourself for the supervisor’s position if you want to be
“the boss”.
✓ What does it cost when supervisors fail to supervise.


It was a really good experience for all of my people who attended and the feedback from all has been positive.
The program had value for all leadership ‘experience levels’ on my team – from the least to the most experienced. 
The interactive nature of the program kept everyone engaged in a positive way. There was just enough ‘heat’ to ensure that you had everyone’s attention – but done in such a way that no one should have felt intimidated or embarrassed.
The class made everyone think. About how they do their jobs. About how they treat co-workers and subordinates. About how big a responsibility positive leadership is.
Your real-world, experience-based teaching style provided the opportunity for attendees to not only improve their leadership skills – but also to learn more about each other. It was a tremendous team-building exercise for us. Although we were a pretty cohesive group to start with – this helped build on that. And your class is structured in such a way that even teams that might not be quite so cohesive could perhaps find some common ground.
Thank you, Adam. Several of my people said they would like to do something like this on an annual basis.

Bucksport Town Manager:
Susan Lessard

“This was an excellent class, the instructor was well prepared, very knowledgeable in the subject matter and made the class interesting”

Director of Public Safety Bucksport:
Sean P. Geagan


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