How Your Church Should Prepare For An Active Shooter.

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Cost: $50 per person, Buy 3 get 1 for Free (Space Is Limited)
Location: Dirigo Safety, LLC, 95 Main Street, Auburn Maine 04210
Contact: (207) 200-1112

Active Shooter In Places Of Worship

While houses of worship traditionally are places of safety and peace, they are not immune to gun violence. While shootings in houses of worship are rare, they can result in many fatalities and traumatize a community. As a religious leader, you should help your congregation be prepared for this type of crisis—and, if necessary, lead your community through a healthy recovery process.

Training Presentation

Our presentation will cover topics to educate members, staff, leadership, and clergy on how to protect people and property; The protection of those entrusted to your care is a critical element of a House of Worship. Taking these additional, proactive steps will especially demonstrate your care and concern for the members, staff, and guests in your facility.

Who Should Attend

Clergy – Management – Security Teams

Topics To Be Covered Include

  • Active Shooter
  • Physical Security
  • Personal Security
  • Critical Incidents
  • Organizational Protocol

Why Attend This Class

This training course is designed to inform and educate those responsible for maintaining a safe environment for the people and property associated with churches, chapels, synagogues, temples, mosques, or any other place of worship we reverently call a House of Worship. This course will assist in helping House of Worship leaders to learn how to prevent, avoid, and control various risks associated with the members, staff, guests, and buildings that make up your House of Worship. Fortunately, most of the crimes mentioned above are preventable!