Director of Operations

Dirigo[1] Safety, LLC is seeking an intelligent, highly motivated, professional, ethical, and respected individual to serve as their Director of Operations. We are a Maine -based company providing law enforcement training, consultation, policy development, and accreditation management services throughout Northern New England. Additionally, we have a Risk Management division that conducts a variety of safety training to non-law enforcement commercial businesses of every type. Currently, the organization is experiencing a period of significant growth.

Job Summary:

The Director oversees the day-to-day operations of our Law Enforcement Services, Law Enforcement Training, and Risk Management Divisions while constantly synthesizing the issues confronting the company for regular dissemination to the CEO. The Director of Operations is always assessing company needs, ensuring smooth and efficient daily operations, and taking steps to prepare for the future.

Core Responsibilities:

  • Oversee, manage, and promote company growth in training, policy development, accreditation management services, and risk management services.
  • Develop and execute marketing strategies to meet and exceed revenue goals.
  • Interact with customers to secure new business and turn it to long term business relations.
  • Defining, implementing, and revising operational policies and guidelines for the organization.
  • Working with the human resources department to create job descriptions, hire competent personnel, implement staff evaluation parameters, and oversee employee training programs.
  • Liaising with the CFO and departmental heads to develop financial plans and ensure company-wide operational compliance.
  • Keeping track of the company’s revenue margins and conduct budget reviews to maximize profit.
  • Managing procurement and resource allocation.
  • Provide hands on support to all Dirigo Safety Divisions as needed.

Day-to-Day Activities:

The Director of Operations is based in Dirigo’s Auburn office and travels as needed to accomplish company goals. The Director works alongside the Personnel Manager and Fractional CFO and reports daily to the Chief Executive Officer. On a typical day, a Director of Operations starts by responding to time-sensitive messages. Throughout the day, they participate in meetings with company Executives and present on the progress of company financial performance, implementation of business initiatives, and new policies and work endeavors. They also hold meetings with department heads to answer questions about operational changes.


[1] *Dirigo is the Maine State Motto. It is Latin for “I Lead.”


During downtime in their office, the Director reviews sales performance, customer surveys, employee surveys, employee performance reviews and other documents to identify areas for improvement. The Director will also work with individual departments to evaluate and assist on their progress to meet business goals and talk with employees about the changes they believe will benefit the company.

Job Requirements:

  • Excellent leadership and organizational abilities, unquestioned reputation for excellence.
  • Self-motivated and require little to no supervision.
  • Ability to build and execute a marketing plan to reach and exceed revenue goals.
  • Superior knowledge of industry regulations and operational guidelines.
  • Working knowledge of data analysis skills.
  • First-class people skills.
  • Outstanding negotiation skills.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.
  • Proven knowledge of performance evaluation metrics in a business setting.
  • Minimum bachelor’s degree in business or related area.
  • 10 years or more of leadership experience.
  • An understanding of (or the willingness to be trained in) common safety concerns related to security, unruly customers, violence in the workplace, drugs in the workplace, active shooter awareness.
  • A working knowledge of (or the willingness to be trained in) police culture, policing trends and history, police unions and / or officer associations, and law enforcement policy and accreditation.


  • Annual Salary Range 80-90k
  • 80/20 Health & Dental
  • 401K
  • Profit Sharing Plan
  • 3-week PTO and all State Holidays
  • 4 Office days / 1 Remote day work week
  • Home Office Expense/ Travel reimbursements

Interested candidates should send a cover letter and resume by December 1, 2023 to:

Hillary Martin

Personnel Operations Manager

Dirigo Safety, LLC

95 Main St, Suite 3

Auburn, ME. 04210