On-Site Security Risk Assessment

      We are trained retired public safety professionals with over six decades of experience protecting and serving our community.  Our experience, training, and education far exceed national standards in advance training, security, law enforcement operations/management, and internal/external compliance are to be met.  Everyone at Team Dirigo goes above and beyond the client’s expectations.  That is why we consider clients partners, not just customers!    

     During the assessment, Dirigo Safety will meet with key personnel from each level and department of your organization to discuss specific threat and vulnerability concerns. Following interviews of your employees, team members will conduct an internal/external security/safety assessment and assessment of the climate of the facility. During the evaluation, key factors will be examined to ascertain their direct impact on the company’s mission, staff safety, asset protection, and overall campus security.

The Assessment will include comprehensive evaluations of the following areas.

  • Conduct an on-site security assessment to identify the strengths and weaknesses of facilities, staff, and management.
  • The on-site security assessment will include a visual inspection of the entire facility internally and externally. Conduct interviews of staff at different levels of leadership/management and responsibilities with the company.
  • Identify and assess the potential risk to employees, management team, the public, property, etc.).
  • Review and analyze current security plans to determine their effectiveness relating to facilities, training, or both to assess response measures to active threats and disruptive incidents.
  • Review and analyze training requirements relative to OSHA requirements for maintaining a safe work environment.
  • Review response times and levels from local emergency first responders (Law enforcement, Fire, EMS) in the event of an active threat or incident occurring.
  • After the on-site security assessment, provide a detailed report covering strengths, weaknesses, and recommendations to the leadership team to increase staff awareness, training, and potential facility security measures.

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