Tim Davis


Deputy and K9 Handler

Timothy Davis is an Officer and K9 Handler for the Rockland Police Department in Maine.

Tim has been in Maine law enforcement for 14 years now. He started his law enforcement career as a corrections officer with the Knox County Sheriff’s Office in 2009. Then moved to a patrol officer role with the Camden Police Department in 2013. He has completed the full-time corrections academy as well as the full-time law enforcement training program (BLETP).

During his time as law enforcement, he has been involved in instructing the public as well as officers in different areas of training. He has been the lead instructor for two Citizens Police Academy, one in Camden Maine and the other for Knox County. Tim has also been involved as an FTO both in the correctional facility as well as on patrol.

Tim has been a DARE instructor for since 2018 and has taught classes from kindergarten up through high school age. Tim has also been a substitute teacher ranging from all grades. Currently Tim is taking classes at Liberty University for a bachelor’s in Criminal Phycology. Tim has a love for teaching and wants to see officers be the best that they can be. “With the changing climate in our country and state it is so important that officers be trained to the best that they can be. Being a K9 Handler I have had the amazing opportunity to live in the world of search and seizure and case law for over three years now.”


Instructor For


  • MOI 2022
  • MCJA - Narcotics Detection Team School 2020
  • FTO 2020
  • MCJA - Canine 2019
  • DARE Instructor 2018-Current
  • 27th BLETP
  • MCJA - Corrections School 2010


  • Knox County SO- K9 & Patrol 2017-Current
  • Camden PD - Patrol 2013-2017
  • Knox County SO - Corrections Officer 2009-2013
  • JTD Construction/Ridgeberry Farm - Owner 2004-Current

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