Social Media for Community Policing and Community Engagement


The goal of this class is to “Provide departments with the tool and information that they need to have a useful social media presence and good quality community engagement. To show that Social Media is a wonderful Community Policing tool and can be utilized in many ways to help, share information, help crimes be solved, introduce the public to staff, and allow the public a way to get behind and stand with local departments.

Students will learn:

  • Basic to-do and not to-do
  • what other departments are doing well, and poorly
  • algorithms and their relevance
  • trending items and how to use them
  • hashtag usage
  • consequences of poor social media choices
  • characteristics needed for social media engagement
  • perception vs. reality in teh social media realm
  • about receiving gifts
  • and more

Student Testimonials:

“Excellent class for all agencies to learn about how to use social media for a benefit”


Upcoming Class Dates

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