Conducting Pre-Employment Background Investigations


MLEAP Standard: 3.16 Background Investigator Training

This course will provide you with unique ideas on how to effectively market and recruit candidates for current openings. In addition, the knowledge and skills to conduct objective, thorough, and legally sustainable applicant background investigations reflective of the professional standards of your agency. The training will guide you through the relevant Federal and State Statutes and administrative regulations surrounding the selection and employment of personnel.

You will learn techniques for conducting interviews with applicants, references, previous employers, friends, and neighbors. We will also address how to document the investigative findings in a comprehensive report properly.

  • Reviewing recruiting issues and how to recruit affectively.
  • Reviewing standards set forth by our profession, department and state
  • Why we conduct background investigations.
  • What characteristics we should look for in a candidate.
  • What documents and information are essential to review before the interview.
  • Interviewing the candidate and others.
  • Recommendations and conclusions in final report.
  • Legal aspects regarding hiring practices.
  • Assisting the polygraph examiner and psychologist in their assessments.