Maine Case Law: What Every Maine Law Enforcement Officer REALLY Needs to Know


In today’s world of intense law enforcement scrutiny, it has never been more important for cops to understand the elements of the laws they are enforcing, the evidence they are gathering, and how they can apply that knowledge to protect themselves and their communities.

Taught by law enforcement experts who have significant time working the streets in Maine, this course is designed to reinforce not only the important legal concepts of Maine Case Law, but also how to apply it in the adverse and dangerous situations cops face every day.

Our Maine law enforcement experts include Brian MacMaster, Chief of Detectives of the Maine Attorney General’s Office (Ret.), Attorney Scot Mattox, Portland Police Department Sergeant (Ret.), and Attorney Joshua Saucier, former Maine Prosecutor in Districts 1 & 5 and Acting City Solicitor for Bangor, Me.

Out-of-state companies will tell you what Maine case law says, but we will show you how it works in the real world. We will work through relevant Maine-based examples – from a police officer’s perspective – because we’ve done this in Maine, and through Maine courts, with over 80 years of combined law enforcement experience.

Concepts covered include: understanding the basics of law enforcement relevant Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Amendment constitutional concepts and how to apply those concepts to commonly encountered law enforcement situations, such as; reasonable suspicion and probable cause; seizure of vehicles, seizure of persons, search warrants and the important expectations, admissions, and confessions; the Maine rules of evidence, and more.

Student Testimonials:

“Whether you’ve been a police officer for two years, or 25 years, this course is beneficial as it covers the basics, all officers need to know, or get a refresher on covering the 4th, 5th and 6th Amendments.”

“Over 25 years now and Dirigo proves there is still plenty to learn”