SFST / OUI Investigation Review



Gone are the days when an OUI arrest consisted of a stop, field sobriety tests, and a chemical test. An OUI investigation is now the most complicated misdemeanor investigation an officer will regularly conduct.

Additionally, OUI investigations are routinely challenged and litigated. With the complications of prescription and illicit drug use, as well of the legalization of recreational marijuana on driving, there are many hurdles for law enforcement. This class reviews the entire OUI investigation from the time of initial contact until the time for testimony under oath. It is designed for all officers and requires no prerequisites.

Officers will review the following:

  • The Elements of OUI
  • Operational Impairment
  • Field Sobriety Testing
  • Hands on Practice
  • Arrest Decision
  • Chemical Testing
  • OUI Drugs
  • Report Writing/ Testifying
  • Current Caselaw
  • Fatal Crash Investigation

This class also counts as an SFST Refresher for those with prior SFST Training.

Sponsored by the Maine Bureau of Highway Safety, this class will review impaired driving investigations including: the initial stop, chemical testing, testifying in court and BMV. This course puts a significant focus on drug impairment (especially Cannabis and Opiates).

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